My Mother is My Prophet :)

I believe in a theory that sins are a result of circumstancial compulsions and so are good deeds! One is motivated towards good deeds because of his brought up, environmental circumstances, education and overall life experiences. Similarly, someone indulges in sin because of the way he was brought up, his life experiences and environment.

However, no one is absolutely powerless when making the decision of right or wrong, but ignorance portrays 'wrong' as 'right' and as such the ignorant person is pulled into the world of sins. This misguiding portrait should never have been formed, had the mother of every sinless infant drawn the lines between good and evil for the child.

When I'm falling prey to evils and being compelled to commit sin, I'm reminded of religion by my heart - and I withdraw.
However, it is not the religion that is important here, whats important is that my heart reminds me of it! and although the religion was brought by Prophets, the reminiscence was was due to the way my mother brought me up!

[I salute you, mom. Happy Mother's Day!]